2011 Gardening Tips Calendar

Here's the 2011's been a fun project.
We picked out twelve of our nicest photos and had a great time picking out which picture for which month.


We thought the cover picture was a no brainer.

We both LOVE this June evening picture of our gardens,

greenhouse and barn with the sun shining over the top ridge.

Here's an inside view of September, to give you an idea of the layout...

You'll find gardening planning, harvesting and storing tips sprinkled throughout the pages.


The Calendars are Cerlox bound and printed on nice thick paper. Both Canadian and US holidays are included.

The cost is $19.99 Canadian each and that includes surface mailing anywhere in Canada or the US. I know we have regular readers overseas. If you'd like a calendar, please send me an email with your address and I will calculate mailing information for you.

You can pay by Paypal. Send an email to In turn, I'll send you a Paypal invoice. I'll send out your calendar as soon as I receive payment.

If you don't do Paypal, you can pay by money order. Email me and I'll give you a mailing address. If you want to pay by money order, I would suggest you send it to me very soon. Sending mail from Canada to the US can take a few weeks (it's the dog sled thing, you know).
Once I receive your money order, I will send you the calendar. cheques. They take a long time to clear if they are not from a Canadian bank and I'd like to make sure you get your calendar before Christmas.

So, if you know and love a gardener, please think of ordering a calendar. They would make a beautiful Christmas present or stocking stuffer. Got a hard to please mother in law? Get her one too!

Updated to add: Even though Christmas has past, we still have some Calendars in stock - if you want to order one, just let me know!

Some of the feedback we have received about the 2011 Calendar

Just wanted to thank you for the AWESOME calendars you did. I just loved them! Great work.
I sent my second calendar to my mom already and she received it already and she too LOVES it. Again, you did a fantastic job on them!

Robyn in BC

I love the little tid-bits on the side. I'll do a post on my blog soon... I love the calendar! I really, really like it AND I like it even more because it has a hand made touch.

Linda in California

I love the calender.  I gave one to my mother in law for christmas, (which she loves) and then decided to keep the second one for us.  It was supposed to be a gift as well.

Jonni in Arizona
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