Friday, February 22, 2008


Hi, welcome to our blog...I'm Annie. I trade stocks and hang out in the country. My husband is Graham, also known as The G Man.

We left this...

for this....

We have a large vegetable garden, some hens for eggs, a few pigs during the spring and summer, and a few chickens for meat birds.....lots of work and lots of fun!

Here's our boy...half Wolf half Malamute, he watches over us and our barnyard.....

and another one of him, cuz he is so darn good looking!

We would like to try and keep a journal of what projects we are working on, and what is happening around our homestead.
Right now, it is still winter, and we have lots of snow. It has started melting tho, so hopefully it won't be too long and we can get out and get back to work!

Must admit, we are enjoying the respite from all the hard work....besides, there is always lots to do inside the house! And winter is the perfect time for that!
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Anonymous said...

Hello Annie & G man

A very interesting blog. I love the picture of your morning work attire! The gloves are so cute, also the hat is very becoming. You will be busy looking after your livestock, gardening, etc. Quite the enterprise. I just do flower gardening at this point, but am thinking of starting a few raised beds for vegetables. It is such a pleasure to have garden fresh vegies from ones own garden. Trust the piglets are settling in well as you have prepared a nice, warm house for them. Do you get a lot of eggs from your chickens? The idea to move the pig's house and run sounds like a great idea to fertilize and dig your vegetable garden. Next time I will tell you more about our life style, etc. Ina M.

Annie said...

Ina, thank you for your comments! It is good to get some feedback on the blog....yes we do get about a dozen eggs a day, maybe a few more from our chickens!

thesecret said...

I love your blog!! I was searching how to build a zig zag type fence when I came across it in google. I have to read all of your enteries now.

My girlfriend and I just moved to Horse Lake near 100 Mile House from Edmonton Alberta. We bought half an acre with a mobile on it. We want to live the country lifestyle. I'm interested in raising a few animals for food as well and i'm sure your blog will help. I grew up in Langley and it has just gotten so busy on the coast. What part of the Cariboo are you from? Keep up the blog!!


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