Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seedlings and Seeding

I spent a bit of time sowing some seeds late this here's what we got:

13 Jetsetter tomatoes
7 Fantastic tomatoes
21 Sweet Baby Girl cherry tomatoes
21 Broccoli
21 Cauliflower

So, we got the trays seeded, the lights and heat on, inspirational plaque in place....let's just hope for a better germination than the last seeds.....

Here are the ones that made it from the first round...sitting in the living room windows....

The Habaneros look pretty good, getting their first true leaves

Cabbages doing just fine....

I'm going to try to get some more stuff planted tomorrow...and move a long counter into the seed room. We're going to town at some point, and we'll pick up some more lights for down there. Once we get those hung up, I can carry on with the rest of the seeding...we've got a Lot of stuff to do in the next week or so! Sphere: Related Content

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