Monday, May 19, 2008

How To Make Venison Snitzel

Last fall, the G man got a we have some vension in the freezer....our most favourite meal of all is....vension snitzel. Here's how we do it:

Take any lean cut of venison (which is Almost any cut, it's so lean)...slice into 1/4 inch max. slices. Use a meat tenderizer tool to pound the meat pieces, you want them to be really really thin...

Dredge well on both sides in flour

Drop into well beaten eggs...coat well on both sides

Then drop into bread crumbs..coat well on both sides.

Meanwhile, heat up the deep fryer....drop in the venison, using tongs....make sure the pieces don't touch each other....

We put ours in the oven at 200 just to keep them warm, while waiting for the rest of dinner.

Meanwhile, slice up a bunch of mushrooms...and sautee in butter...add some oyster sauce...sautee, then keep on low until rest of dinner is ready....

Then wash and slice up a bunch of potatoes for French Fries....put them in the deep fryer once the snitzel is done and keeping warm in the oven.....

Bon Appetit! This was So Good....our favourite meal! Sphere: Related Content

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