Saturday, May 10, 2008

Working on the Barn

Well, yesterday was another good day around here, we made progress down at the barn again....

We finished off the last bit of work on the walls, had some OSB to put up there. Before we closed the wall in, the Gman put a bit of "history" on the says "All this lumber and beams were milled with my Husky 2100. The roof logs are from a barn next door that was originally built in the 1920's"......
Here's a pic of that original barn.

Then we did the ceiling (boy are my arms sore this morning!) And my head too, cuz I had to use that as well to hold up the sheets while the Gman nailed them in....

Then we went up into the loft and insulated up there. We'll nail down boards on top. Then we can use it for hay storage....

We're very happy with what we have got done so far!

Here's a pic of the breezeway between the two halves of the barn....we ran out of staples, we'll get some more when we go to town next you can see we still have to put up the siding on the outside walls....all in good time
Looks like this morning is an "inside morning". It rained thru the night, and we have stuff to do in the house. Hopefully we can get back down to working on the barn at some point later today.

Due to a bit of a time crunch, we spent $170 at the building supply for OSB and a bit of wiring I think we have spent around $1250 in total for the barn ($1000 for the metal roof, plus a box of nails, a bit of concrete.) We're happy about that too!

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