Sunday, June 29, 2008

Garden Pictures

Boy did it get HOT quick! Yesterday was quite a cooker....I took this pic of the thermometer around 5:30 yesterday afternoon....but it's JUST what our garden needs! It should really help the tomatoes, peppers and squashes....

Up and outside early this morning and I thought I would take some pictures of how things are doing in the garden....

Before too long I will have to start thinning out these cabbage...I know that's not the usual routine with cabbage....BUT remember we planted these very close together....soon the time will come to pull each second one, and use as animal feed....the pigs LOVE cabbage!

The rest we will let grow until the season ends...

In contrast, check out the red cabbage.....this is the seed I have been Totally Unimpressed with....I reseeded the red cabbage THREE times...out of a total of 63 seedlings, I have 13 plants...not good germination at all. And they are so far behind the green cabbage!

We have our first zuccini setting! The first of many, we hope!

Strawberries are setting....

I have 5 grape still looks like 3 have not made it thru the winter....I moved them all into the berry I have two that are putting out new growth....I'll leave the others just in case they decide to send out a shoot! I sure hope can see dill in behind the grapes in the pic.

I seeded buckwheat into that middle berry bed for the time's my first time trying buckwheat.....but I read it gets to the cutting stage by five weeks! So....I am trying it as 1)green manure 2) chicken feed...should be interesting experiment.

If it works well, I'll probably seed empty spaces in the veggie garden with it.

And the mangels....which I can begin thinning at any time, I would think. Maybe later on today. ALL our thinnings from the garden get tossed to the animals....pigs and laying hens. I am cutting leafy greens into small pieces almost every day for the meat birds.

It's going to be hot again today....we'll get a few things done, then I have a feeling it will be Hammock Time!!! Sphere: Related Content

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