Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a Special Day!

Today's a special day for one of my's her birthday! So here's to JP, hoping you have a Wonderful day Today!!!!

She's witty and smart...she is Always Laughing and Smiling...nuttin brings her down

Her attitude is amazing to see, I admire her for it!

She doesn't look back on what might have been, but looks to the future for what could be...she's focused and determined....and she is very special to the Gman and me!

And...she has the most incredible hair, really, she does...take a look

It's the most beautiful colour of auburn I have ever seen...and it's natural!

she's a gardener too...a gal after my own heart, lol!!!

Look at those palm trees, they were there before JP and the Eman moved in....but JP did all the flowers in that bed....

My son made her these new garden beds...they have lids on them to keep out the wild bunnies they have there on the West Coast.....

Have a Wonderful day today, hon!

Love ya, Annie and the Gman Sphere: Related Content

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