Monday, June 9, 2008

Planting in the Greenhouse

Yesterday, I was able to transplant those very very leggy tomatoes into the new greenhouse....and put in the last of my peppers....

I've planted them...yes, close together...I may regret it later, but as long as I keep the suckers trimmed, and eventually top the tomato, I'm hoping it will be ok...

Here's the Habanero peppers I started from seed...thankfully, my girl took some off my hands, I'm sure they will grow great for her!

Some of the plants are showing some stress....thankfully, it was quite overcast and rainy today, so at least they weren't feeling the heat of the sun so soon after being placed.

I had to do some backfilling in the greenhouse and so needed to make a rock wall on either side of the front door....I'm not done yet, I need to find some smaller rocks to fill some of the holes, but here's the gist of what it looks like.....

I've got my pots of Oregano and Virginia Creeper outside the front door...for now

I have to fix up the hose set-up, but that's for another day....

I also still have to get that "hump" of compost out of the greenhouse...that'll come over time, as I can use it up a wheelbarrow at a time. I'll use it for sidedressing the veggies in the main garden.

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