Friday, August 15, 2008

Should I Open a Market Stand?????

I must be halfway around the bend....let me back up a bit and explain my current insane idea....

We have friends in the Valley who don't have a garden last week she asked if I had any veggies I could sell I did. She went on to tell me I should set up a little stand by the road, she assured me people would stop and pick up veggies.

Then yesterday another friend called - she had a visitor who hadn't had time to get into town to pick up veggies, and she wondered did I have any that I could sell?

OK, I said, and soon 2 ladies rolled up and bought some zuccini, lots of peas (ha! Good, that got me out of shucking a huge whack!) Also a few rutabagas and carrots.

One asked me if I go to the Farmer's Market in town....but I don't cuz I seem to always been tied up with animals and other stuff around here....I mentioned I sometimes toyed with the idea of doing a Market Stand up by the road.

They Both said DO IT! We would come buy veggies....anyway I made $14 yesterday (I'll put it towards the money I spent on seeds for this year).....

and after they left, and for the rest of the day, the idea was sitting there in the back of my what do YOU think? Have I totally lost my last marble? Do I NOT have enuf to do around here?

Let me know what you think - I could sure use some feedback....

Am running into town to do some errands - then back to the farm to work my butt off this afternoon, before the Gman gets home tonite! Sphere: Related Content


Aunt Krissy said...

I think you should, I dont know what kind of traffic that you get on your road or how far off the main road you are, that would be something to think about. Here in Wisconsin there are alot of road side stands that have a honor box that seems to work. I go to them and also the farmers market.I didnt plant that much and now I'm wanting to can and pickle stuff so I rather get if that way then go to WalMart!

sugarcreekstuff said...

Do it! We had a table and umbrella last summer, the kids did most of the set up, we had an honor jar and only sold extras. A couple days a week for about a month made us $40 that the kids and I split. It is fun to go out and check the jar and it made the end of summer a lot more fun.
The neighbors would rather stop on the way home than run to town on Saturday for the farmers market.

Linda Foley said...

Cool idea Annie... I agree... do it!

Annie said...

Thanks for your comments! I am seriously going to think about doing this next year....I sold more this weekend! Wow, maybe the word is spreading?


Anonymous said...

Have an information sheet to hand out to customers. On it, let them know they can get info from your blog/website as to what you will have at your stand next. Ask them for input: what will they want in the future. think about starting a CSA. Look at having a free page at


Don't know who the Dervae family is? Look at what they do on a small lot in Pasadena, California:

Good Luck,

Annie said...

Garlicman, thanks for the comment and ideas...I don't want to get into it too heavily....I am toying with the idea of putting up an umbrella and table, as sugarcreek suggested.

It won't happen until next year, but I have to be very conscious to fill our own needs first! As it is, I have sold, I think 4 times now to people in the area, so I think the word is getting out!

Thanks again!


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