Friday, August 8, 2008

Some Garden Pics

About 5 minutes after I got finished making the pigs up what will be their evening meal, the skies opened and it started here I am, inside again, waiting it out. I'm glad I got some veggie pics snapped first!

The rutabagas in the main garden sure look like they are getting bigger.....

Here's the area we had the broccoli and cauliflower in....this morning I pulled the last 3 plants to throw in the pot for the pigs tonite....when the rain stops, I'm gonna hoe this bed and plant some lettuce and radishes in their place.....

Turnips gone Wild! Wow, some of them are getting huge....had to thin a few!

And finally the beans are flowering! All we need is some more warm days and the beans will start.

The Homestead Peas are quite sure I will be picking later today!

We have Alaska Peas growing along the fence, (and above the fence by this point)....I'm gonna try drying those for making soup during the winter.

Our First Ripening Tomato!

Lotsa tomatoes now in both greenhouses.....looks like they are starting to turn yellow...on the way to turning red!

The garlic is really starting to that means soon I'll be pulling it to harvest!

And, here's the largest cabbage so far.....I'm kinda hoping it might be Fall Fair material, we will see!

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Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled for your garden. Mine is showing it's age and starting to near it's end. The bean plants are just about done so we'll be pulling them soon. The heat played a major factor in the last week as it was in the 90s and 100 with high humidity. I couldn't bring myself to do anything outside other than what I had to.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. You are giving me ideas for next year. :)

Thanks for commenting on my Dad too. He is doing very well and happy to be home. We'll go see him this afternoon.

Annie said...

Thanks Michelle, I've just come in from being out in the garden....Sounds like it has been very hot for you lately. Today thankfully our temps are lower and it even rained a bit this much easier working out there when it's cooler out!


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