Monday, August 25, 2008

Tomatoes!! and chores :(

The tomatoes are coming on quite nicely...we still have only enuf to eat fresh, but that should change in the next couple of weeks....I'm hoping by then I'll be stuffing lots of bag of 'maters into the deep freeze.

I will quarter the large ones, halve the cherry ones and stick them in the freezer until probably November. By then, I'll have more time on my hands and I can turn them into sauce!
There's a few things around here that have been getting neglected....ok, definitely more than a "few" things! My days are pretty full, and it's easy to put things off that really should be taken care of.
So yesterday I spent part of the morning giving the chicken coop a really GOOD cleaning out. I should have done that in the Spring. So, One big job taken care of.
Today, I mowed some of the lawn and did some weedeating, so it looks a bit better around this joint.
Checking the weather for the next few days, I found out we are going to hit a low of 4 C overnight I figured I should get the row covers on. Boy, it has been awhile since we last used them, which has been so wonderful. I had left them laying in the rows between the veggies, and of course with the watering that has taken place, they were looking pretty scruffy.
So, one by one, I am pinning them up on my fence and giving them a good spray with the hose. They takes minutes to dry, and I could even just put them back on wet, but ah, I'll just leave them up for 15 minutes or so, while I go do something else.
I dug one wheelbarrow full of weeds out of the lower right garden....the chickweed is starting to flower, so man, I GOTTA get it out of there or next year will be a nightmare.
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thesecret said...

I love your blog!! I was searching how to build a zig zag type fence when I came across it in google. I have to read all of your enteries now.

My girlfriend and I just moved to Horse Lake near 100 Mile House from Edmonton Alberta. We bought half an acre with a mobile on it. We want to live the country lifestyle. I'm interested in raising a few animals for food as well and i'm sure your blog will help. I grew up in Langley and it has just gotten so busy on the coast. What part of the Cariboo are you from? Keep up the blog!!


Annie said...

Hi Glenn, thanks for your comment! Do you have a garden in this year? How about animals or is it too soon for that?

We aren't really that far from you...I am wondering about your elevation there. We are at 2850 feet, and I know Bridge Lake area is another 1000 feet higher. Am not sure about Horse Lake, tho....

Hope the blog helps you with learning a bit about gardening etc up here....that's why we started it. We figured we couldn't be the ONLY newbies up here (we are used to gardening on the Coast, and you know how different that is!)



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