Friday, September 12, 2008

Cleaning Up in the Garden

While the Gman was whipping up his stew yesterday, I went outside to work for a bit. The Homesteader Peas are finished now (sniff, sniff) so I finished ripping down all the vines (they went off to the 3 Little Pigs), took down the netting that had held them up.....

The peas along the fence are Alaskan...these are the ones that I am drying to use in soup over the winter.....they should be finished in the next few weeks I think. To the right, under the row covers, are the green bush beans....I'll have to peek under there later today to see if I will get another picking.

After I got the netting done, folded up and (wow) put away, I started hoeing the area to get the durn weeds out.....

Here's my little container of goodness, it's Fall Rye. I use it every fall and try to cover the entire veggie garden with it. It's a Wonderful green manure! It will start to grow this year, then hibernate over the winter.....come Spring, when the snow melts off the garden, the Rye will have already started to grow.

We'll till it in, wait a week or two, then start planting the veggies. In our clay soil, this Rye has helped incredibly to improve our soil, making it loose and friable......

It's pretty cheap, we get it at the local Farm and Feed....we buy it by the 25 kg sack.

Took a few pics of other stuff too.....some of the zuccini plants are finished (they got pulled and thrown to the Pigs)...but some plants are still sending out nice looking zuccinis!

And the cabbage is still trotting along too....we've got 2 that are pretty durn big! Never did make it to the Fair this year (we had thought of entering some of the veggies, but we were too busy). The Gman wants to make cabbage rolls and of course, we'll have lots of coleslaw for when the parents are here next week. Sphere: Related Content

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