Thursday, October 9, 2008

Garden Cleanup

Things are kicking into high gear around here....yesterday I worked in the garden almost all day....

I'd love to say we grew these squash, but we didn't! A friend bought them for me on a trip down the Canyon....hard to grow squash up here unless it's in a greenhouse, and we couldn't afford the room!

I've finished getting the old pig run ready for Fall....weeded, fall rye put down and raked thing off the list!

A pic of our berry bed, I still have a lot to do in there, but the fall colours look kinda nice...the raspberry plants turning red....the low bush on the right is a High Bush Cranberry.

Here's part of the main veggie the foreground is fall rye coming up, which I planted weeks ago in that spot. The only plants left on that side are the Kale, and they don't mind a frost at all - actually makes the Kale taste better!
I got that middle portion weeded yesterday and put down fall rye.

And the other upper portion of main garden...all that is left in there is Swiss Chard, some late planted lettuce, and the rest of the carrots...gonna have to get those Carrots out soon!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your blog is fasinating...I've just been reading and reading. I live in the city and always wondered what it would be like in the "real country". Wow, looks like REAL hard work but also so gratifying. I don't eat meat so that part is just too much for me. However I do respect the fact that they have good lives before they go to the freezer (same with the chickens). I'm afraid I would have a bunch of pigs running around as pets!

I will be back for sure....Really interesting Blog!

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