Friday, October 17, 2008

The Pigs are Done

It's Friday's been a long day. We said goodby to the last 2 pigs today. Brought them to the butcher this afternoon...after a long morning that started out at first light.

By the time we got them loaded in the truck, they were slaughtered, gutted, cleaned, skinned and dressed out. I didn't take any pictures. I know I said I would, but I didn't.

It was was hard last year, too, but we thought maybe that was because That was our first year. Now, we've found, it doesn't get least not this year.

There's lots of good we have to keep in mind...we took good care of them. They Loved being here, and had the chance to run and pasture and have races with each other.

They ate good food, ate lots of veggies.....had a good roof over their heads....but, yeah, it's been kinda hard day.....

In other news, the garden is DONE.....I'm not going back in until Spring 09! Sweet!!!

The shop site is almost Done...tomorrow the Gman will lay a bit of pipe....then that's it! We're DONE till Spring...Double Sweet!!!

Tonite we went for dinner at the local Legion.....nice and relaxing.

Next week, we'll probably go to the cabin for a couple of nights at least....ahhhh, I can almost feel the relaxation begin to set in! Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

Honestly one of my biggest reservations about having livestock is that I will have to deal with the time they die, whether by natural means or time to put them up to feed us. I just get too attached to the things in the my life, living or not. As I grow older I am able to distance myself some, but it's something I always struggle with.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am learning a lot from your posts. One of the cool things about the internet is that someone down here where I am can learn about life where you are. I am expanding my worldview and passing that on to my children. No longer will we live with the isolation my grandparents lived with in rural Tennessee.

Sorry for waxing philosophical for a minute. I hope you get the rest you deserve soon. Relax a little for me too. There isn't enough of it at our house.

Btw, I posted an update this morning on Wm's project. He did get it done in time. We haven't heard what the family thought of the rough cut yet.

Linda Foley said...

I think it is never easy Annie. Especially if we treat them as pets. But even when we don't it isn't easy. I have a hard time myself. I usually can't eat what I have butchered until it has sat in the freezer for a while and I have gotten over the butchering picture in my mind.


pamela said...

A well deserved couple days off.Does Wolfie get to come with ya'll?

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