Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanks for all the Piggy Comments...

We've had quite a comments about the butchering of our 3 Little Pigs....and thank you for those! The actual process went fine, it was taking and posting the pictures that were difficult.....and it goes to show that even tho one can try very hard to not get attached, well, if you've got a soft heart, it can and probably will happen!

In other news.....the other day we went to town and did our twice yearly big shop, wanting to make sure all the cupboards and pantry are stocked up. We had a nice dinner out and came home tired but happy.

We're still trying to get down to the cottage for a couple of days, it will probably be this weekend.....our problem is, we still look around and see the odd thing that needs to be done around here!

Yesterday I finally got caught up on all the laundry, and started giving the house a good cleaning....more of that will get accomplished today (I hope!). Outside things that still need going include cleaning out the gutters (the Gman is waiting for all the leaves to drop first) and also going up on the roof to clean the chimney....maybe that will happen today.

This morning, the Gman went out to walk the back part of our property, hoping for a deer....we'll see. It would be nice to get one, as we still have a need for some red meat for the wintertime.

I should be hearing from the butcher's today, about the weights for each of the two pigs we brought in.....

This past week has been a LOT slower in pace, and you have no idea how much we are enjoying the idea of sleeping in a bit, then just slowly puttering in the mornings. There is no longer a hurry to get down to the barn - all we have left are the laying hens, and we have big feeders and waterers set up for them....

Yesterday, the Gman got a light hung up in the coop - he's put it on a timer so the birds will have a total of 15 hours of daylight each day....needed to get them to keep on layin.....and he also has hooked up the light under the large waterer....this should be the water from freezing!

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