Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Frosty Morning

It was Sooo pretty this morning....sooo much frost on the ground and on the trees...the whole of the Valley was in a shiny shimmering was beautiful!
The pic doesn't do it justice at all....but as you can see, still No Snow....
Tomorrow is the last day for open buck deer hunting (under 4 points). After tomorrow, it moves to 4 points or better for one week....then that's it.
The Gman has been out and about traisping thru the woods...but nothing yet. He's seen lots of does, but the bucks are laying low. So tomorrow, he says he could use an extra pair of eyes. He assures me I won't have to handle the gun....I'm hesitant. And chicken. And Yella', as we say. Next year, I should see if I can get YoungManDaniel up here to go hunting....then I could stay at home...where it's warm!
If no posts are made in the next two days, send out a Search Party....
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msholiday said...

So nice to hear that you're not putting up blinds and salt licks.

Anonymous said...

well hello annie and graham! i really enjoy your blog...sure do miss jeyna! i am so proud of them....we dont have snow yet either (and dont want any)..i think i would have taken out the shotgun and blasted the stove! jees,what a trial....keep enjoying

Aunt Krissy said...

I used to go hunting with my Dad, but I got to be the camp cook, so
I was able to stay back at the tent and read and have lunch and dinner ready! Oh and keep the fire going. I loved hunting!

pamela said...

I don't know how we would handle such a short hunting season. Here in Mississippi it starts in Oct. which is bow season-and we both shoot a bow (compound bow) and goes through Feb. Which includes rifle and muzzleloader.But we actually don't have to go very far to hunt-we have 32 acres and live in the national forrest-and deer are in our yard every day. The deer here are not very big. If you shoot one weighing 160-170lbs you have done good.But you are only allowed 3 bucks a season.
I will take a whole hindquarter and marinate it for about 3 days in the fridge,then fire up the smoker-with hickory and pecan wood
from local trees-and smoke it for 8-10 hours.My smoker is just one from Walmart-with the firebox on the end. Sure wish I knew how to build a good one-isn't it so much fun- I love it.

Annie said...

There is a treestand wayyy in the back of the property, it was here when we moved here....the Gman doesn't use it much. There is Lots of wildlife here!

Hi Cat! Nice to hear from you! We are hoping to see the kids in the next few weeks..thanks for reading the blog!

Pamela, are you allowed to hunt inside the National Forests? I would not have thought so. I don't think you are allowed to in Canada....

We had no luck the other day when we went hunting, the Only thing we saw were other people!! I think all the deer were hiding deep in the bushes!

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