Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Really Stormy Out There!

Wow, what a weather about 10 minutes! It was pretty darn nice out there today, yes a bit cold, but still.....this afternoon I was working outside down at the barn. I was actually moving manure over to the veggie's not even frozen yet, lol!

The hens were out with me, and so was the Wolf....all of a sudden, the wind came up...whooooosh! Next thing I knew, the trees were bending over, the wind was screaming.....then it started raining, then it turned to hail.

The girls were running to their coop, and I was running behind them, to close them in....once I got them in, I turned around to look for the Wolf.

He was up on the PORCH by this time....I yelled at him, I thought you were supposed to Protect Wuss!! He just looked at me, wagging his tail.

I ran up to the house, got us both inside, and then the hail had stopped (of course AFTER I got pelted by it running)

Now it's snowing like a bugger out there!! The lights were flickering a little bit ago. I made sure we have extra water in jugs, just in case the power is out....I already have the flashlight, and the windup flashlight, and the windup lantern all at hand.

I better come off the computer for a bit, just in case! Maybe next time I write, I will have a picture of lots of Snow on the ground!!! Sphere: Related Content


pamela said...

Sorry you got caught up in the weather-that's funny about Wolf.
I'm so ready to see pictures of some snow.Maybe you will have some to show us soon.

Aunt Krissy said...

I learned about having water when my power was off for 19 hrs this sumer. no power, no water pump for the well to pump water!
I had a kiddy pool outside for the dog to play in, I had a little sponge bath in that!

Annie said...

hi Pamela, I've put up a few snowy pics, but you know, it just isn't happening yet this year! Very bizzare....good, but bizzare!

Krissy, that's a good idea, that's one way to stay clean when you have no power! Ours goes out often here, ya get used to it, right?

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