Monday, December 8, 2008

Power Outages, Ice Storm and Pictures

Well, yesterday was exciting! After discovering the canopy, I did some shovelling...then a bright spot in the day was when our neighbour came over with his dozer and cleared the whole driveway, parking area and around the woodroom. That was Great! And much appreciated!

But, it seems we are in the midst of an Ice storm....trees have been snapping all over the places. Our neighbour told me a friend of his living further down the Valley has lost over 30 pines already.
(First pic is the driveway before plowing)

We've been having power outages pretty much every day....and much flickering of lights too. Then yesterday around noon, the power went out....fine, no problem, I had stuff to do outside anyway.

Came in around 4, stoked the fire and waited for the power to come back on. And waited and waited.....finally came on around 9:30 last evening. Last I heard before the phones went dead was that Hydro was expected to be back up by 4pm.

I spent the late afternoon and evening huddled with a Wolf, reading homesteading books and winding up the crank lantern the Eman got us last Christmas.

Anyway, this morning I have thought I would put up a few more snowy pics.....

today I'm going to concentrate on doing the stuff I wanted to do yesterday, then I think I'm gonna get out the Tiny Tree.....
The last pic was taken out on the road...looks pretty! And extra nice that the plow had been thru already!
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