Monday, December 1, 2008

Scuz Me While I Act Like a Mother


GO to Your Rooms.....Right Now!!! And Stay There Until You can each figure out how to play nicer together....and don't backtalk me...yo Mama's PISSED.

Me and a lot of other guys otta be ashamed! We just had a frickin election...the people voted, remember?

You work for US, remember? Remember us...the citizens of Canada? I hope that this week every single Canadian sounds off at the whole bloody lot of you!! Folks, email your tv stations, make your voice heard....this will be reported on all week....DO YOU PART!

Oh, and boys???? Yes, cuz that's what you are....boys...little boys who don't know how to get along and work together....You 4 stay in your Room until Mama says you can come out! Sphere: Related Content

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