Monday, January 26, 2009

Here Comes the Cold Again

Ugggg, what a temperature change! -35C this morning when the alarm woke me up at 5:45. It has now warmed up, if you can call it that to -32C.

This cold snap is supposed to only last today and maybe tomorrow....Good!

Got up and put the coffee on, remembered that I was going to clean out the woodstove today before I lit the fire.....yuk!

Since we don't have a metal bucket (and we Should, we really Should!!!) I have to use a 5 gallon plastic bucket. What this means is that I HAVE to go dump it right away.

Leaving ashes in a plastic bucket is foolhardy....there Could be a few embers still glowing. And I NEVER leave a bucket of ashes on the porch, or just outside the mud room. It's just not worth it to take the chance.

Normally I'd take it down to the garden and throw it on top of the snow covering the strawberries, asparagus or raspberries, but it seemed too darn far to walk in my houscoat! Fed it to the driveway might help for some extra traction.

So there I am, outside just before 6am, dumping the woodashes along the driveway, far enough away from the house so there is zero chance of something catching fire. Oh and yes, I got my fleece jammies on, one housecoat and then my winter coat overtop of that plus my winter boots.....I looked like a real winner, I'll tell ya!

Trying to watch the market today, as so far the Dow is bouncing up....misssed good entries on two stocks I've been watching.

Went down to check on the hens and bring them some hot water....poor things have laid only 4 eggs so far today...well that's understandable, I'd be putting my energy into staying alive rather than laying a egg!!! I think they deserve some porridge later on this morning.....

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