Sunday, May 17, 2009

Linda's Garden

Oh wow....I was reading over at The Journey and saw a pic of Linda's looks so good! Linda lives in Northern California.....close to the Oregon border.

She's using her Wallowater's and plastic milk jugs for cloches....pop over and check it out. Linda's also writing about waiting for her goat to have her first kid. Exciting times!
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Linda said...

or that Annie - Oh BTW! I LOVE your new picture on top!!!


Linda said...

Hummm... sorry about that, but it was supposed to say:

Thank for that Annie...

BIG smile


Linda said...

I wanted to comment on the wall - o - water's. Remember to open the tops up in warm weather! Just pull the top open. I forgot and left them closed and fried my tomatoes! I think they will recover, but I just wanted to share my experience...