Sunday, June 28, 2009

Giving Da Dog a Bone

So....a friend of a friend went out bear hunting the other day, and he was successful in getting a cinnamon bear. He thought it was maybe 3 years old.....

The Gman stopped by the other day and casually asked "What did you do with all the bones?" The friend of a friend and the friend replied that they threw them in a pile in the bushes.
Explaining to the Gman where to find them, off he went. Actually, they felt bad that they hadn't thought to ask us if we wanted the bones for Da Wolf.

So here ya go...never one to do things half heartedly, the Gman gave Da Wolf a WHOLE leg bone....yuk! Then he gave him another....double yuk!

While I think it's gross, Da Wolf does not.

Actually, he loves it!

Lip smacking good!

Don't bug me Dad, can't you see I'm busy here??

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pamela said...

He is loving the bone-
He is so beautiful

Aunt Krissy said...

Better a fresh bone then a stinky old bone that your dog brings home and you don't know that right off the bat and then you have to clean up yucky stuff.

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