Monday, June 8, 2009

Transplanting the Tomatoes

Yesterday, I transplanted the tomatoes from their pots into the first greenhouse....
They look great, some have really sturdy stems, that's what we want.

The Gman pounded in the stakes for me....5 in Rows 1 and 2, 4 in Row 3.

The Velcro ties I use to tie them to the stalk as they grow....kinda messy!!
But, they are on their fourth year of use.

The root system, this is why I like growing them in these narrow deep pots!!

All planted, 14. For my own notes....back row Amish Paste, middle Row from left - 2 Romas, 3 Amish Paste. Front row...all Romas...

That was yesterday. Then last night, we had cold cold weather, and then really hot again this afternoon. We've been watering them a LOT. Both mornings I pulled up the front door. Early this afternoon, I put a sheet up hanging from the front door. This has given a bit of shade, and we hope this helps. Some of the plants are Not looking very good.

More tomatoes are on the greenhouse shelf waiting to be transplanted....maybe in a couple of days. I'm keeping the row cover on at night, but it looks like I lost a couple of small transplants.
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Aunt Krissy said...

What alldo you make out of the tomatoes? I have only made salsa.

Annie said...

We only make tomato sauce to can and lots of salsa to can also.

I won't have enuf fruit for sure this year, so I will have to buy more. My friend gets a couple hundred pounds from a fruit stand, so I will ask her to get some for me too!

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