Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second Cousins

I come from a B I G family, that Mama is the oldest of 13 children. I have cousins older than me, and a Lot who are younger than me...some are wayyyy younger. And I have lots of second cousins.....

Last week, my Mama's youngest brother and his wife and grandaughter came for a visit.
Auntie Cathy, my Special Second Cousin Sgirl and I went down the road to my friends. I wanted to surprise Sgirl with all the animals my friend has....

Sgirl has turned out to be quite the Hawg Slopper, and Chicken Farmer! Each evening when the Gman went down to feed the animals, Sgirl trucked along with him.

Here she is helping Gman pick veggies from the Animal Garden to feed to the pigs.

Here Sgirl is listening to my friend talk about the goats....

Auntie Cathy watching

How CUTE is she?

Sgirl listening intently to Marion talk about milking goats. Marion is sitting on her milkstand....

Back at our place...she's on her way to the barn, Gotta check if there are more eggs.

Wolfie thinks he should follow her, just in case.....

Lots of eggs!

Now, she's gotta check on Little Miss, to see if she laid an egg. I learned that Sgirl really likes to name animals. We ended up with 3 chickens named: Little Miss, Pick and lastly, Up. Marion ended up with names for almost ALL her goats!

My uncle and Sgirl picking snap peas....

Uncle Henry, Auntie Cathy and Sgirl, with a pea sticking out of her mouth!
That bag is full of veggies and Cathy's holding a big cabbage.....

What a kid! Check this out! I think this pic has to go on the right hand side of the blog, don't u?

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Anonymous said...

She's a sweety and I definatly think it should go in the side bar. Maybe under "why little girls need the country" :)


Annie said...

I agree Duchess....and she's over there, lol!


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