Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brrrrr.......It's Cold Out There!

Much of BC has been caught in a cold Arctic front....we had been lucky, narrowly avoiding some Really Cold temperatures. Not anymore.....

The temperature this morning....-24 C......needless to say we have the woodstove banked right up!

A pic of the yard this morning.....a bit more snow, not much. We only have about 4 or 5 inches on the ground (so far)
The tarp on the greenhouse is weighed down with water in the old bleach jugs.....hopefully to help the snow slide off the roof.
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Holly said...

Okay, you win. We are really cold but not quite that cold. I hope your humidity isn't too high or the wind blowing. That is what is making it so frigid here. Do you have livestock in the winter? Because chores are a real pain right now.

Jonni said...

Oh my, I was complaining about 39. I will quit, because that is way to cold for me. We went from shorts and t-shirts one day, to coats and pants the next. No inbetween for us here in AZ.

Linda Foley said...

It got the coldest it has ever got (says some long time residents) last night. +13*F! Perhaps not as cold you Annie, but pretty darn cold!

Aunt Krissy said...

Burrr, but I like the cold. No bugs.
It was 12F (-11c) at my house this am. The high was 20f (-6c)Being that the goats are gone for the rest of the month I don't have any outside chores so it's pretty easy.

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