Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goals for 2010

A New Year....I guess it's Goal Time again. Earlier today, I was looking at my 2009 goals and had to sigh.

A lot of them didn't get accomplished, actually very few got my tally, 4 out of 8 goals were basically accomplished. Only 1 of them had to do with gardening! Then again, 2009 was an unusual year for us.

We did grow 2 times as much animal food as we had in 2008....trouble was, we doubled the number of pigs.

At the beginning of the season, I was doing a great job with the weeding. Early July changed all that....once I had my surgery, well, I just sat and watched the weeds grow....and grow....and grow.

Now, I'm pretty anal when it comes to weeds....over and over in my mind goes that saying "Every weed that goes to seed equals 7 years of weeding". I learned over time to let it go. Hoping that 2010 will be better in that regard (the weeds, I mean)'s a few goals for 2010:

Keep smiling
Stay positive
Get a new boob
Let my hair grow out...then let it grow long....then cut it and donate to Cancer Society for wigs
Enjoy time with my boys and their gals
Enjoy fishing with the Gman
Enjoy camping with the Gman and da Wolf

OK, Homestead goals:

Start an Alfalfa patch for the hens
Finish putting in the Rhubarb Garden
Plant another patch of Buckwheat
Reduce the number of tomato plants and plant more Corn in their place;buy bulk maters instead
Start working on the area between the Greenhouse and the Berry Garden/Path to Barn
Help the Gman get his shop built to lock-up
Clean up, trim back and plant both sides of the Driveway

That's it. Actually, there's a million other things I could add to this list, but hey, life is short. Our hands will be full enuf as is.

What are your goals for this year? Are you blogging about them? Let us know!! Sphere: Related Content


Moonstone Gardens said...

Hi Sweety,
Don't worry about not meeting all your goals for 2009. No one did. And you can always play the C- card.
I have a great trick for you. Ever notice how you'll have a list of things to do and at the end of the day, you don't have any of them crossed off? Other things have popped up that need to be taken care of. No worries, just add the things you DID do and then cross them off. It's a sanity saver.
PS - My hair is about an inch long now and coming in very silver.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

You are so fun to read! I imagine your blog readers would love to send a hat to shield you from the sun with all the weeding you will accomplish! Let me know where to send a river hat!
By the way, July is always our surrender to weeds month simply because we get so busy! Have fun with the Stokes Catalog.

Cicero Sings said...

You planted corn with success eh? What kind of corn did you plant and were you able to harvest by the end of August?

D said...

good goals and an admirable thing to grow your hair and give it away. blessings!

Robin said...

I'm a little jealous that my friends are getting new boobs and I'm stuck with my old ones!

Mary has an apt at the end of the month to talk about the timing of her new boobs. Her hair is 1/2" long and coming in more blond than strawberry blond. She got short changed. All that hair loss but she still has to shave her legs. It's just not fair! : ) Keep smiling!

Annie said...

Thanks, posting about my Goals is just one more way to TRY to stay on track, we'll see if it all pans out.

Cicero, I will have to look up the corn type (I am not at home right now). We grew it in the greenhouse and we were eating it in late July.

Robin, thanks for the Mary update! Btw, I only get one new boob :(

Kari, thanks for the offer of the hat, that is sweet of you.

Cindee, ha! good plan, I may try that. My hair is coming in darker (at least at this point)

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