Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Da Piggy's New Home

We got them moved the other day. Here they are in what will be the Animal Garden. They'll stay in here for maybe a month.

See them playing with the soccer ball?

A better view of their new pad.....when they get moved again, they will go in the pasture. The Gman will just turn their house around....then they won't be able to get back into the Animal Garden.

A very Happy Piggy....with a dirty nose! They are glad to be able to run around in their new pen....

Meanwhile, back at the new strawberry bed....the girls are still working it over for me!
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Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Very happy piggies indeed! And isn't it nice to be able to delegate some of the garden chores to the chickens?

Mattias said...

do you find your pigs will "test" your fence? Looks like you have some polytape electric line up. We're getting our pigs next week.

~mel said...

Those little piggies look as happy as can be ... and the hens look like they're doing double duty too for you. Isn't it grand to have pets that can help do the gardening!

Anonymous said...

my pigs got my gardens ready for me. Life would be so hard without them. NOW if I could just keep the chickens out of the garden life would be great. and yes they have a coverd run they keep escaping along with the garden having fencing. Where they get out has us so very stumped.

Annie said...

It's always easier when we get our animals to do some of our work for us! And they do like to be keeps them out of trouble!

Mattias, yes the pigs test the fence! Pigs need to be trained to the electric wire. We ALWAYS put the wire in front of a fence. That way, if the pigs run thru the wire, which happens, they still cannot escape their pen.

Only once they are all trained to the wire (which doesn't take long) would we turn them onto pasture. There is no fencing there, only the electric fencing....hope this helps you.

Beth, it is hard to keep the hens out of the garden. Altho I LOVE that my birds are mostly free ranging, I freely confess to shutting them back in their runs when I get too frustrated!

Soon, I will be able to set up temporary fencing down in the barn area...that'll keep them happy with free ranging and me happy that they can't get to my flowers!

Angie said...

My pigs always root at the fence line, and they get piles of dirt on the electric fence, which of course then it doesn't you have that problem as well, it's worse when it rains(9 months out of the year here in Oregon)

Annie said...

Angie, yes we have that problem too, but that is a pigs natural instict, to root and root and root.

Every few days or as needed we go around and just use push the dirt off the fenceline, using our rubber boots....

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