Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Media Room

Even though we seem to be in the midst of garden and veggie frenzy, that doesn't mean our inside work has finished. We're still working on the wine making/seedling room downstairs. Plus, we've started thinking about what we are going to do with our rec room downstairs.

We want to turn it in to a media room with a big screen TV and a bar in the corner. We are looking at using recessed lighting, because of its versatility and low profile. Add some nice leather recliners and we should be all set. We'll get a bar fridge down there and a microwave. We'll get lots of use out of this room, whether it's for watching the Canucks or a DVD. A huge bonus for us is how nice and cool it is down there in the dead of summer! So much better than the main floor living room.

Do you have a special place in your home you can go to cool off? I'd love a shady enclosed porch with vines growing all over it.....maybe next year! Sphere: Related Content


Aunt Krissy said...

No, but I have always wanted a reading room that did not have a toilet it it! This year I am going to work harder at making my back porch my reading room. More plants/flowers, nicer chair, a table to set my ice tea on, and I sun umberella that wont break in a light wind.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Downstairs is the main floor and pretty cool in this old 1930 farmhouse. The 80 year old walnut trees help shade it from the southern and western heat of the summer. Ceiling fans make a big difference too. aaaaahhhh! That's the sound I make when I sit under the ceiling fan when it is 100 outside.
Your rec room sounds VERY inviting!

Annie said...

Ha! Good one Krissy! But I like your idea of turning your porch into a reading room, sounds very comfy!

Kari, your place sounds awesome! I love old houses!

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