Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saskatoon Berry Bushes

In the yard, between the Berry Bed and the a small stand of Native Saskatoon Berry Bushes.

Overgrown with weeds and littered with dead branches. For awhile I've had the idea to clean this area up and so every time I found a large enough rock, I'd bring it over here. Eventually, I thought I could make a rock border around the bed.

Today, I got started.

I rolled the rocks away and then weeded the whole thing out. Cut out a few dead branches too.

Found some landscape fabric and put that down. Anything to try to keep away that dreaded grass crap that keeps finding its way into every garden bed!

I arranged the rocks around the border and then topped it all off with a nice load of compost.

I Love the way it looks!

You can see this years buds just starting to come out....

And when it flowers, it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm so glad I got this project done....

We use the berries for making wine, jelly and using in delicious fruit crisps.
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Kellie said...

Looks great Annie!

Linda Foley said...

That turned out very nice Annie!

Annie said...

Thanks! Bit by bit, things are starting to look nicer around here!

Anonymous said...

Wow Annie, great idea and nice workmanship. It gave me an idea that I will purse later in the summer when I can work again in the garden.

Very functional, as well, with the Saskatoon berries.


Annie said...

Eddie, these are bushes that grow wild here. Last year was a simply fantastic berry year - we picked over 70 pounds...some on our property, some on government land (Crown)....

we're hoping this year will be as good!

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