Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flowers and Veggies

A few random pics.....different lettuces  and arugala that I started in the house....I have now potted them up in two pots to hang on the porch. That should make it easy for making a small salad now and again.

Cabbages (the red cabbage I had to buy) and perennials....violas, columbines and then a couple of Chinese Delphiniums that my friend gave me.

Dandelion picking! It doesn't take long to pick a few gallons at this time of year...the dandelions are everywhere!

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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

I love your new headline photo. It looks so pretty there. We have had unseasonably cold weather down here with freezing temps at night. It is starting to warm up and we should be able to plant more this week. All the tilling is done and the chickens are on their last days of eating bugs and larvae out of the freshly tilled soil,then they will be off to the big pasture.

~mel said...

I like that idea of a hanging salad garden ~ hmm... I have one more empty pot in the shed... I might have to copy your idea and plant myself a salad. Thanks for the inspiration.

Aunt Krissy said...

Are you up and back to full speed ahead? I'm sure that the first salad will be very tastey.

Annie said...

A shady area on the deck would be great for a hanging salad basket. We have been taking leaves off ours for the last couple of salads.

It beats walking back down to the garden if we forget to harvest before we come back in the house.

Krissy, pretty much...maybe 89% lol. I still tire a bit, so I just lean on my shovel for a bit!!

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