Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moved the Meat Birds

Yesterday, I managed to get the meat birds moved down to the barn. It took a few trips with them in one of those plastic totes to get them all down there. We don't like stressing our birds if we can help it, so I don't mind carrying them down instead of using the lil John Deere. I think the machinery noise would freak them out!

We've got 2 brooder lights and 3 large feeders down there, plus 2 large waterers....ample for every one of them to gather around.

You can see the homemade feeder that the Gman made.....if you want to know how he did it, come on over here....there is no point buying a feeder (up here they want $60 for the big ones!). Instead he made one for less than $10. Works great too!!

I've now got to get to work putting up the temporary fencing for their outdoor run!

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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Annie, will you do the butchering yourself when the chickens are ready?

Annie said...

Yes kari, we'll likely start butchering in 2 weeks. By that point, the birds will be 8 weeks old....

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