Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Working Weekend

We've gotten a lot done this weekend, altho it wasn't All Work....

here's the main veggie garden, it is really booming now!

All the potatoes in this garden are now hilled....

We're harvesting mixed lettuces, chard, spinach and turnips on a regular basis.

The strawberries are just now starting to get picked...and eaten....quickly!

This is the fourth strawberry bed. I thought we would need it for this year to plant the newest runners in. However with the cold winter and hardly any snow cover, we did lose some of the berry runners we had put in the third bed last year. Even tho they were covered in straw....oh well....

So I planted buckwheat in that strawberry's a great green manure, try it on one of your open garden areas!

Yesterday we spent a lot of time in the Animal Garden. I got it weeded, and the Gman hilled all the potatoes, then did some more tilling. There were quite a few areas where the seed didn't come up, so he retilled that and then I went along and planted turnips.

We need the feed for our pigs, and turnips are so nice and quick...and the pigs love them!

We spent all morning one day on a nearby lake fishing. I managed to land a Kokanee Salmon (landlocked salmon). We had several bites, but only this one made it in the boat! The following morning, we fried it up and had it along with scrambled eggs with fresh herbs.

Gotta love the homemade meals around here!!!
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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Fresh Salmon and scrambled eggs with herbs sounds delicious. Your garden looks beautiful. I wish you lived closer, we would take you down the river on your "day off"!

Aunt Krissy said...

Your breakfast looks yummy, better then my pilot bread with cheese.

Annie said...

Kari, next time we come thru Oregon, we'll have to meet! An afternoon on the river sounds very nice!

Krissy, I remember the pilot bread from your blog...I have never seen it here

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