Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ginger and I are Both Recovering!

Ginger is trying to recover from her spaying operation the other day.....doesn't she look

mad? doesn't help that she keeps getting called "Conehead"!

Although the vet's office said we should keep the cone on her so she doesn't

lick her stitches, friends are telling us not to worry about it

and just take it off. Any readers have experience with this?

What did you do? Cone or no cone??

And...I'm right alongside Ginger in recovery. Seems I have hurt my right arm.

It feels like it did several weeks post-op last year.

My nurse friend tells me I likely ripped some scar tissue....yuk!

Bottom line...I overextended my arm doing something and

I am now paying the price for it.

So is the Gman, as he is having to pick up my duties...

Good thing the Main Veggie Garden is finished!!

The rest will have to wait...or I will have to fix them up in the Spring...we'll see!
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Dani said...

Hope you and Ginger feel better soon.

Cones on dogs and cats are common here when they have had surgery. They soon get used to it - we humans just get upset because we think they don't like it. Let Ginger give it a try - it does help - and there's nothing worse than having to rush them back to the vet because the stitches are no more...

Take care of yourself.


Theres just life said...

I sure hope you and Ginger start feeling better soon. I know about over extending and pulling muscles. They hurt like the dickens. I have done that and I have treated that. I was a therapist at a pain doctor's office, once upon a time.
Massage the whole muscle from top to bottom everyday and it will get better fast.

Gen said...

Hi again,
I hope you both feel better soon too, I've never used a cone on my cats, but my vet gives us a little vial of anti lick gel.
Enjoy your rest!

Linda Foley said...

Well, I don't know about a cat, but I had a dog fixed and she took out every one of her stitches leaving her incision flapping in the wind! Personally I'd leave it on until it started to heal anyways so if she does take them out, the incision will stay closed somewhat... *shrug* I didn't take the dog back to the vet and she did heal up ok.

Hope your arm gets better!

Blossom Barden (NorthLaurel) said...

When we had our kitty fixed we didn't use a cone...she licked and cleaned herself but she was good about not trying to gnaw them out. I think they were ones that eventually dissolved anyway.
Ouch, bout the arm... hope it gets better soon!

Jonni said...

My kitties had their surgeries 10 years ago, and did fine without the cones. The left the suture sites alone. Make sure you take care of yourself, sounds miserable not being able to use your arm normally...

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

I don't think you need to wear the cone! :-) I hope you heal soon and as for Ginger, maybe read a little Shakespeare to her and make her really feel the part. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Cats are like people are like dogs are like toads are like flies are like elephants are like mice...meaning they all have different personalities and will react differently to having stitches/injuries. Some will lick. Some will lick and nibble. Some will lick and nibble and pull. I would recommend doing whatever the vet told you to do. It would just be horrible, rotten, miserable for Ginger to pull out the stitches, have her wound open, become infected, and require a new procedure and a round of antibiotics etc. Tough love, Baby! Ginger looks dorky, but she will heal in about 5-10 days with the cone and/or 10-never without it.

Julia said...

Owweee!! Ripping the scar tissue sounds nasty. Hope it heals soon.
You can tell Ginger, she has to wear the cone so she doesn't wind up like you.
Punkin didn't have to wear the cone last month, but they didn't even give him any stitches. He licked the first day, and healed fine, but I wouldn't want to risk it.

Annie said...

Thanks for all the good feedback everyone!

My arm is on the mend, I sure can't do anything strenuous with it tho.....probably be awhile before it is back to "normal"

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