Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Woodroom

Here's the Woodroom as it looked when we first came to see the

property in January of 2006.

Not big enough....and not weather tight enough either.

We doubled the size and put a wall in at the halfway point....

We like that because we use roughly one side per winter.

So, we can take from one side, and let the other side season....

until the following year. It will get nice and dry in the woodroom.

We REALLY want to build a new woodroom.

We think this one looks pretty bad....

Maybe next year we'll get our new one built.

We thought we might turn the old woodroom into a saloon. 

With a hitching post so friends could ride

over on their horses. Wouldn't that be cool?

If you have to buld a woodroom, make sure not to butt the boards

up tight to each other.

A woodroom needs to allow for lots of ventilation.

That way, the wood will dry, even though

it is stacked.
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Dani said...

Very nice indeed - so nice to have a handyman husband who can produce all those useful storage area / workshops :-)

Want to share him?

Karen said...

Your woodshed looks great. Much better than ours:)
What we cut this Fall won't be burned until next Winter either, although we could burn some of it this Winter in a pinch, as much of it was dead anyway.

moni said...

I love the idea of a saloon, old west style lol

umbrellalady said...

I find it interesting that you call it a woodroom - is this a regional expression? When we lived in northern Manitoba, we called ours a woodshed. They are so wonderfully practical.

Anonymous said...

When you use short sentences
Your posts read like

Annie said...

Sorry Dani no can do....Gman has his hands full here!

Karen I looked at your blog, you have beautiful photos on there.

Moni, we could put those swinging half doors on it like you see in the ole Western movies! Neat!

ULady, I don't really know if it is a regional difference. We use woodroom and woodshed. But now that you mention it, woodroom does sound strange for an outbuilding!

can't talk, I didn't even realize that. Hope it sounds ok!!

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