Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Great Christmas Gift Idea - Address Plaques

Here's a holiday gift idea for someone special. I have always loved these address plaques.

They have some beautiful ones with engraved leaves around the outside, beautiful and very elegant! There is one address sign there that would be perfect for our country valley homestead. Above the address numbers are 2 stags with their horns entwined. A Perfect address plaque for a country estate!

I would love to receive one of these gorgeous address signs for Christmas! Maybe the Gman will read this post and surprise me.

Speaking of Christmas, we are heading out tomorrow to the big city. We'll get the rest of the holiday shopping done, and spend a night in a nice hotel. Hopefully, one with a pool and spa tub! Maybe we can even fit a movie in there, that would be fun!

How ready are you for Christmas? Have you got all your major shopping done? Any decorating done already or do you think it's still a bit early? We managed to get some lights hung up outside...we have a lot more decorating to do still! Sphere: Related Content

1 comment:

Theres just life said...

Have a great time in the city, and enjoy the season and each other.

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