Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year....and My Head Hurts

Arggggg. Yes, Arggggg.

Happy New Year! Can I get a 2011 WoooHOOOO?

Did you know that the Gman and I grew up in the same hometown? Now we actually didn't know each other, mostly becuz I am a couple of years older than him. Yes, that's right....I am a Cougar and proud of it! Our hometown only had one high you were pretty much assured of at least "knowing" who everyone was. You may not have hung out with them, but throw any name out there, and we know at least who they were.

Cept Gman....I mean come on. How many Grade 11 girls were looking at boys that were 2 years YOUNGER? Uhhhh, no. While I was busy looking at the Grade 12 fellas, the Gman and his friends were busy "grading" the older girls walking down the hallways. We actually "almost" crossed paths several times over the years. Kinda funny when we look back on it....I guess we just weren't "ready" for each other then.

Now our hometown was a party town...and by party, I mean PARTY. Picture several hundred teenagers partying at the local golf course. The crowd was so big that the owners (parents of a guy I used to go with) made all the newcomers first go out onto the course to pick up beer bottles before they were allowed to come in. Hey, that's the way they rolled. They were pretty cool people.

I'm telling you this so you can have a basic understanding of how we grew up.....and we do suffer from the illusion that we are STILL teenagers who can party with the best of them....

OK, so last night we got dressed up (well, dressed up for us....that means a nice shirt to go along with the blue jeans and the Gman wore his cowboy boots) and off we went to the local Legion. They were having a dinner and dance for their members. We like supporting our local's an important organization and they are always in need of funds and members. At least this is what we tell ourselves. Is it justification so we can go out and party our middle aged faces off? Yes, perhaps you're right.

Dinner was great...we scarfed down lasagne and ribs and Caesar salad....tarts for dessert. Boy was it good food. An hour later, the band started. It's a local band and boy howdy are they good!! They were missing their keyboard player, who fell ill.....we never even noticed.

Dance, dance, dance.....we weren't even sure we would make it till midnight, but somewhere along the line, we got our second wind. Cuz you know....we do know how to party. I mean we grew up in what we called "the ditch". And the ditch trained us well. And there is that saying...."You can take the girl out of the ditch, but ya can't take the ditch out of the girl".

So we danced our tushies off....stopped drinking early enough of course in the evening because we had to drive home. Dance dance dance....finally the band says OK 2 more songs and that's it for the nite. We're like What??? Took a look at the clock, it was past 1am. OK I guess it was late. These guys play a mean "Wipeout" and they chose that one to close the night....

So we say nitey nite to all our friends and head home. We get ALMOST home (like two houses away - the bed was THAT close) and what do we see? Oh our neighbours...there's a group of people at the neighbours all hanging out around a big bonfire. We look at each other and yeah....we pull in. It's now about 1:30 am.

All right! Another PARTY! Hugs all around, Happy New Year everyone....beers get popped open for us....and we start over again.

At 4AM this morning, the Gman looks at me and says....Well you ready to go home? I'm freezing cold, it was cold enough that our beer had ice crystals inside and I am ready for my bed.

But alas, it was not quite time to for bed....yet. First the Gman had to perform that annual New Year's Tradition of firing his gun off the porch. Why? Well, because he can.

And in response to his gunshots, we heard shots from the neighbours....cuz, yeah, they do it too. It sounded like the Wild West out here and it was 4 in the morning! This morning I get up to see all the casings on the porch....

We slept till 10 and now we are walking softly around the house, cuz our heads are a bit sore. But you know what they say?

"You can take the girl out of the ditch, but you can't take the ditch out of the girl"

There's a couch with my name on it. If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, give me a phone call OK....just in case....

(Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve!!!)

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Kathryn said...

Wow - you do know how to party! We went to bed at 10:00 - totally boring!
My husband would love to shoot his gun off the front porch (and he has a black powder rifle that's really LOUD), but we live in a cul-de-sac and that wouldn't go over too well. Or maybe no one would IS Surrey, after all.
Did you grow up in PA? I grew up in Nanaimo....

Linda Foley said...

I spent time way past midnight, looking for ideas to make soap... didn't even realize it was after 12... then I went to bed around 2am... I did have one beer with hubby while we watched a movie. Real exciting, eh? I loved it myself. Party animal I am not! LOL

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

"Why? Well, because he can"

Perfect! Glad you had a fun time. Happy New Year!

Annie said...

Kathryn, ha! Was it the reference to the "ditch" that gave it away??

Kathryn said...

Annie, No, I'd never heard the "ditch" reference before, but I think I remembered something from one of your earlier posts, and then the ditch thing sort of made sense if you think of the that why it's called the ditch?

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