Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Randomness in Winter

I don't even know if that is a it?

Here's a few pictures I took the other day....

Our firepit...sigh, I really have to remember to put the chairs away!

My little birdhouse looks so pretty all covered in snow!

Loving this picture taken in very late afternoon....

I am a bit surprised by all the writers who use Photoshop or

some such program on their pictures.

I don't use anything, just the camera...course, I wouldn't

know how to use Photoshop!

I was posting earlier today over on The Journey Homesteading Forum about different ways to

build up your garden's over here if you want to check it out.
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1 comment:

Linda Foley said...

Annie, sometimes photoshop is great to have! I often take horrible pictures, but I can (sometimes) get them to show up pretty close to natural with photoshop. It comes in very handy when trying to post pictures of items to sell. The thing to not do is try to enhance the picture past what it really is. Or to take flaws out so you can't see them. I wouldn't do that...

The other thing also, when I take pictures of my products, it shows up places I need to work on... that is a good thing!

Your pictures are always great though!

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