Monday, January 31, 2011

Urban Homesteading

Wikipedia defines Urban Homesteading as:

Urban Homesteading can refer to two different things: a form of squatting, or the activity of urban gardening, with the purpose of reducing one's impact on the environment.

When I think and talk about homesteading I am of course focusing on the second definition. Being able to provide food for yourself and your family should be higher on your list than it likely currently is.

If you live in the City or on a suburban lot, there are still many many ways you can work towards providing for yourselves.

Wiki goes on to say :
Having an allotment or vegetable patch has been common among those living in the suburbs for a long time, but it is predominantly in recent times that people have attempted to convert their urban green spaces from the purely ornamental to the hobby-agricultural.

Here's a great link that shows one exactly what kind of success you can have providing for your family while living on a city sized lot. 

The Path to Freedom folks know what they are doing! So take a look over at their site and begin thinking of ways that YOU can change things up at your own place. Do it for your familys health, do it to reduce your familys footprint, do it to save money...just do it!
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Dani said...

Bravo - not only to reduce your footprint, improve your familys' health and to save money, but also for the satisfaction of planting, tending and reaping the best food in the world, with guaranteed no chemicals at all.

My time in the garden is increasing daily - any excuse I have I'm out there, even with my first cup of tea of the day - I just sit and look at all my vegetables growing, and pull out that weed, and stake that plant...

That early morning time allows me the space, peace and solitude to clear my head and prepare for the day ahead.

Nothing like it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Squatting? Really? That must be a form of "urban dictionary"? Thanks for posting that link, it's a great site! I'm currently in the planning and changing phase of my life, waiting on a few years to buy my property.

Annie said...

HI Dani, how are you doing? I have to pop over and read what you have been up to. I would LOVE to have my garden in already.

Have to wait tho, we have about 3 feet of snow!

Hi Rain, I think I got that definition from Wiki. Enjoy Urban Homesteading. It is an awesome site and shows just what can be done even if you live in the City!

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