Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seedling Pics

Seedlings are popping all over the place here in the Valley. Here's some pictures of what is happening so far.

I have moved the first batch from the downstairs seedling room up to the living room. Within a few weeks, the living room will be taken over by plants and that's how we like it!

So far, I've got Dill, some of the Peppers, and a lot of Basil (which I am nibbling on and adding to my dinners)

My seedling room

Lots of Red Cabbage. Great germination this year with these, unlike other years.

Tomatoes - they are still quite small, but that's OK. There's still lots of time for these to grow before we can put them in the Greenhouse.

I'm only doing Cherry Tomatoes this year. For our bulk tomatoes for sauce and salsa, we'll head down to Lillooet for a good day of picking.

Peppers - they are doing great. Excellent germination and really good growth. We've got lots of different varieties of hot heirloom peppers, plus quite a few Sweet Bell Green Peppers. I picked up some seed for Red Bell Peppers, and I'll have to get those seeded today.

Yesterday I got another flat of broccoli and cauliflower started, as well as a flat of Marigolds. It's getting crowded downstairs in the seedling room! I'll have to bring up another flat or two, in order to make room for more downstairs.

How are your seedlings doing? Are you having good germination this year?
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Cedar View Paint Horses said...

We got 10" of snow here the other day. Doesn't much feel like gardening weather.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

You have a great selection of seed starts. The kids at school planted cilantro, sunflowers, cucumbers, acorn squash, sugar pumpkins, and green beans today. Let the magic begin!

Paula & Skip said...

Annie, your seedlings are doing so well. I have a patio ONLY and try the first time sine I arrived in the USA 4 months ago my luck with lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, peas, and peppers, latter is not doing well at all....
Meant I spent Earth day replanting my seedlings. And I wrote an blog post for Kat about the earth oven.
Have a great weekend

Annie said...

Wow Andy, I'm sorry! Is it still there or did it melt by now? I hope so.

Kari, you are raising the next generation of farmers, good on you!

Paula, how much sun are you getting for your seedlings?

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