Friday, November 30, 2012

Dreaming of a Home in Florida

Is Winter finally settling in? It seems so here in the Valley – we don’t have much snow yet, but what is here will probably be staying until Spring.

We’re keeping warm thanks to our woodstove and we likely won’t be turning any electric heat on for several months. At this time of year, I always realize just how much I had missed starting the woodstove over the summer.  Wood heat is wonderful for making you feel all toasty warm inside. Electric heat just doesn’t compare at all.

As the next months come along, though, and it gets colder here and more snow falls, I will likely start dreaming about the summer sun and the heat. Is it human nature to always want what is not right in front of you?

During the long hot days of summer and a heavy workload, I sometimes dream of Winter and being able to sleep in and  not have to work so hard. Now that Winter is here, I dream of summer heat and going to the lake.

Sometimes, we think of buying another home someplace nice and warm, with great beaches. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live almost half the year down south? Even a couple of months would be great.

We are not sure if we are going to southern California this year for a month, as we did last year. Maybe this year we will journey somewhere else. Florida comes to mind as I have always wanted to go there. I haven’t even been to the East Coast and maybe now is the time!

Searching around earlier this week, I came across this site and they offer Luxury oceanfront condos on Golden Beach, Florida. This sounds like a great place to put our feet up for a month or five! What a great place to have a second home!

Or maybe the luxury oceanfront condos at The Palms in Fort Lauderdale is another option. Have any readers been to Florida and can give us some feedback about Fort Lauderdale versus Golden Beach?

Douglas Elliman also has Luxury oceanfront condominiums in Miami. Perhaps we could do a weeks stay in a couple of places? This would give us a better idea of whether or not to put money into a second home there.

I am loving checking this website out. The homes look gorgeous and the scenery fantastic. White sand beaches with ocean waves – sounds great to me!

I think if we do go away for a vacation this winter, I would like to be someplace where I can feel pampered and have someone bring me fruity lady drinks all afternoon, while I lay around on the beach or by the pool.

Will we go away? We’re not sure yet, as we have a few other pans in the fire so to speak. But a girl can dream, can’t she?
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