Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a Bunch of Chickens

Well, it's the weekend. Neither of us is feeling very well, a touch of the flu, it seems....G is comforting himself watching Clint's Palerider....

It's been sunny today, so for awhile I was hanging out with my girls....doing some temporary (read Band-Aid) ditching down at the barn. I took a couple of pics.

We have a big melt going on here...water water everywhere! Dare we begin to think that spring is on the way???

The snow in the pics is deceiving...we don't have quite that much everywhere! But every time it snowed, we would shovel it out of the way in their run, so at least they have a bit of yard! Even on days it is quite cold, they do still like to come out for a bit, and sit in the sun. And it is sunny here a lot. I throw some hay down, so it isn't quite so wet...throw some scratch out and they can have at it. Often I will close up their door, so they have to stay outside for the afternoon. Then on the other side of the coop, I can open up the man door and the nesting box doors, and ventilate their coop.

Anyway, here are some of my girls...I have begun to develop a big appreciation for the chicken. I got my first ones when we moved up here. G laughed at me because I only wanted 4.

I figured I better start small, lol....he would laugh and try to ge me to up that to 6, but I was adamant!

Those 4 are still with us, and as far as we can tell, they are still laying. I have a small project in my mind for those 4.

You know, a chicken doesn't ask for much. A bit of food, some source of constant water, which is very important. A little scratch thrown down for them as a treat. Whenever I add some hay to the floor of their coop, I throw a bit of scratch down there....they like scratching for it, it keeps them busy plus it helps to aerate the litter....which is important for their health.

They produce something for us pretty much every single day. They also come running when they see me coming their way...never mind if it's because they hope I am going to toss them a few tidbits.

This year, we are expanding our garden, and will be including things like collards and mustard, also a lot more swiss chard and lettuces. We want to start providing more of the feed for our animals.

I have been reading over at . What a great website! Lots of chicken information, and I am currently working my way through the sections of feed recipes. Head on over there if you want some good info on raising chickens. Sphere: Related Content

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