Sunday, April 6, 2008


Sunday today, and this morning we went to friends for coffee, as we do most Sunday mornings....we are so fortunate to live amongst such nice kind people! There are usually about 10 of us who gather for coffee, but sometimes the crowd can get up to 16 or more....makes for a busy (and sometimes loud) morning...everyone catching up with what everyone else has been up to for the week. We were pretty focused on gardening ideas this morning...I think everyone is anxious to get back into the dirt!

After that, we came home and the G man headed out right away to start working on the truck....he has been swapping out motors between the two trucks...our poor grey one still had a great motor, and he has had transmission trouble with the black truck.

So he has gotten as far as putting the motor from the grey truck into theblack truck, and is now, I think, working on connecting some thingys together...I dunno...I have a bad habit of drifting off once talk turns to motors.

I think it comes from having three brothers who all were into eyes start glazing over...they are excited, I am bored!!

Anyway, I spent time down at the barn, cleaning out the chicken coop, throwing hay down for my laying hens in their run. Everything is on the melt here, and their run gets pretty wet and mucky....they appreciate the hay and the scratch I throw into the hay after! Gives them something to do...and lets their feet be nice and dry at the same time.

Checked out my ditches, and cleared some stuff out so the water can run more freely. The barn is set downhill from the house, so yeah, everything is running downhill into the breezeway of the barn.

I've created narrow ditches to carry the water thru the breezeway and out....we have to do more proper ditching still down there!

Baked some bread, snuck in a chapter or two of Carla's book, gave the kitchen a good scrubbing, scrambled a bunch of eggs for our animals, brought empty mason jars down into the basement and came back up with full mason jars of tomato sauce, applesauce, canned meat for our wolfie, pickled onions, garlic, and beets, etc....

We still have quite of bit of canned goods down there, which is just what we want. We have both noticed prices climbing at the grocery whatever we can provide for ourselves, the better off we will be. And we eat pretty good!

Breaktime is over for me...I was posting while waiting for the bread to be finished baking, and now that it has, I better head back outside for another hour or two. Sphere: Related Content

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