Sunday, April 6, 2008

What To Do with Extra Eggs

Well, it's very early spring but I am beginning to get inundated with layers are definitely not slacking on the job!

We have lots of eggs downstairs in the cold room...not a concern, cuz they will be fine for months down there....but I am getting just a few TOO many!

So I grabbed a few dozen and scrambled them up.....2 dozen for the chickens (yes!) and a dozen for the 3 little pigs.

You can't beat farm fresh eggs, look how yellow the yolks are! And the yolks, they stand up high...not like the flatter supermarket ones.

Our chickens love eggs, of course, I think most chickens do....I don't want them eating raw eggs tho, as that will lead to a BAD habit....but I have no qualms at all about scrambling a bunch up for them...they're good for them! (And it saves just a bit off the feed bill)

I treat my animals well, they deserve it! And the repay me with beautiful eggs and meat. Tis a far better life for them here than in a large commercial setting....yuk!

We never throw the eggshells away....we just toss them in an old coffee can, and set them by the woodstove to dry out.

Once dry, I begin pulverizing them with the stick we use to poke around in the stove....

I'll end up using them either in the compost, right in the garden rows, or on top of the row to ward off slugs, etc...(they won't cross the line of shell, too rough for them).

Otherwise I can even feed them back to the chickens for extra calcium, which chickens NEED in order to lay strong eggs.....I'll jsut make sure they are pulverized enough that the chickens won't recognize they are eating their shells, lol!

I also save all my used coffee grounds, they just go right into an empty coffee can (labelled of course!) and set by the woodstove to dry. I'll use those grounds in my garden....around the tomatoes and anything that likes kinda acidic conditions (blueberries if you have them...rhodos, things like that) Sphere: Related Content

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