Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Cabbages Are In!

Yesterday I set out to get the rest of the upper garden went the cabbage transplants.

In the pic, the area that looks dry is set aside for the broccoli and cauliflower transplants....I've got those outside now hardening off. They should be able to go in in the next day or two....

These cabbage plants are from two year old seed, obviously still viable! I've had to water them many times yesterday as it was so hot so far, we have seen a little rain but not enuf to amount to anything. Now the sun is out and it looks quite warm out there again.

Aside from cabbage, I planted a partial row of radishes, a few rows of kale, one row of rutabaga and one row of mangel.

Here's a pic of our garden taken late yesterday....the whole bottom area needs to be planted still....gulp!

If you read my earlier post on mangels, you'll remember that we want to grow these so we will have lots of food available for when our pigs arrive Next year....this should help reduce (and hopefully eventually eliminate) the feed store bill! If all goes well with growing mangels this year, we will gather seed from them the following fall.

The rest of the mangels will get put in the "animal garden" down close to their run. But I wanted to have one row in our main garden, so that I can observe them on a daily basis. I'm quite sure I'll be spending a lot more time in our main garden, than down below in the animal garden. And of course, I am pretty curious about these mangels!

And here's a pic of Stubby....he's really growing!!

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