Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Garden Update

I've been busy planting, trying to get the rest of the main veggie garden in - good news is I have room for only 2 more rows of something or other, and then it will be full.....Yeah!

I took a walk around yesterday and took a few pics....

The asparagus (which we planted last year) is doing great....we had 32 up last time I checked. We weren't going to eat any this year, it's a bit too early....better to wait until next year when it is more established.

I weeded the bed the other day, being So careful not to step on any of the plants, then whack! Darn it, I broke off one of the spears with the I called the Gman over, and we shared it, was probably 5 inches long, it sure was tasty! We had a giggle over that one....

The strawberries are doing well, so are the weeds! I have Simply got to stay on top of the weeds this year.

I've started edging the garden, to try to keep the grass out...from this pic you can see if I don't keep up with the edging work, I am going to lose the battle! We have dandelions all over the place too....

The garlic is getting nice and big...darn, there's yet another weed!

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