Sunday, September 14, 2008

The 3 Little Pigs

Yesterday, the Gman opened up the electric fence between the current "pig run" and the one we had used to plant some potatoes, mangels and rutabagas.....I had pulled the Chieftains out several days ago.

Now the pigs can come in and root up that area.....hope they do a good job! I am going to need this garden area for next year. We've already determined we need an Animal Garden twice as big as we had for this year, to provide the root veggies we want to grow for them!
Here's Whitey - he's getting pretty big! All 3 of them are very happy animals, and they come running when they hear the screen door slam up at the house.....they're always hoping we're going to bring them an extra treat!
And here's the traffic jam (total gridlock) in da henhouse's nestingboxes! We have 5 boxes set up for them to lay eggs in, but you know how it is.....chickens would always rather lay an egg where there is already one there....
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