Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Garden Pics

Busy day yesterday, canned more green beans and made another batch of's a few pics...

The harvest....lots of eggs, 2 bowls of huge strawberries, green beans already snapped and ready to go into canning jars, a whack of tomatoes ready to be turned into salsa....
Lol, that coffee can is ALWAYS sitting on the counter. Kirkland brand from coffee we've had. We stock up whenever we go by a Costco. Closest Costco to our house is 3 hours away!!!!

Habanero peppers...we got lots of these coming on! Small plants, but very healthy and loaded with peppas - these are in the greenhouse.

Look Ma! I got a sunflower! Been trying to grow these things for 2 years now....finally got one coming into bloom! Am quite sure it won't be able to set seed before it gets too cold, but at least I am more hopeful for next year!
I want to find a better way to grow sunflowers. They are chockful of protein. If I had my way, I'd harvest the entire plant, put some old stockings or pantyhose around the flower head, store them in the barn...and during winter, I could throw in a plant everyday for the laying hens! Would be awesome protein for them!

Here's one of the double rows of green beans - you can see where the frost is hitting! We have these covered at night (and sometimes during the day too) with Row Covers, a marvelous aid for adding 3 -4 degrees of warmth!

Yesterday, I pulled the remaining zuccinis, sniff, sniff....but this freed up the remaining row covers. So we have put TWO layers of row covers onto the green beans - we're hoping that will help even more.

But, as you can see, we still got bean action happening! Thank goodness! I'm hopeful we'll get at least ONE more picking off the plants.
These beans are Bush Blue Lake...wonderful yield off of them this year. I won't even bother trying the Saratoga's again next year, pfffffffffttttttt!!!!

But these days, my main obsession seems to be with tomatoes! I think about them, I dream about them at night....during the day, I peek at them, check them over....wring my hands. Will they survive even tho they're in the greenhouses? It's getting cold at nights, yesterday morning, the temperature was on the Wrong Side of 0!

The Gman has had to resort to tying up the vines with rope....the fruits are sooo big on some of these vines!

I'm picking any tomatoes that are turning in colour and bringing them in the house. I put them in paper bags, lots of ripening ones, along with a few red ones....trying to speed up the ripening. I'm desperate to harvest as many as I can!
I'd like to do one more batch of salsa, then move on to canning tomato sauce.

Probably within the next two weeks, ALL the tomatoes will be in the house.....

And at that point, we can begin to dissasemble the one greenhouse that's right below our porch.

The other one (the free standing one) we may get away with leaving it up over the winter, we'll see!
Dunno how much we'll get done around here today, a rumour's going around a fishing trip may be happening! Sweeeet!
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RURAL said...

Quite the harvest Annie. Looks really good. Do you have a greenhouse, and couldn't you start the sunflowers indoors? Or maybe try a earlier variety? They might also do well right beside the house, get a little less frost.

Christy said...

Do you have pictures of your greenhouses somewhere? I want to put up a greenhouse of some sort after we move.

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