Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Nman!!!

It's a Special Day today, it's my youngest sons birthday!! I was looking thru pics last night, and thought I would share a few.....

Ooooh, he was a gorgeous baby, with those dimples of his....he really had some jowl action happening at a young age!!!

Check out those cheeks!

As he grew, he went thru a stage of wanting to wear his ball cap OVER his face....the trend was kinda catchy, as a friend of his thought it was a cool idea too!

He was also into suspenders and clothes that didn't Quite Match....

He enjoyed archery, and hit a bulls-eye!

Furthering his "athletic abilities" he took up cycling, and obviously did so well, he was on the Canadian Olympic Team!!!

He enjoyed hanging out with his older brother...dapper young men they were, I tell ya!

After high school graduation, he went to College in Calgary Alberta and became a Network Engineer (computer stuff)....In doing so, he cemented his future as his Mom's "Help Desk". He can solve any of my computer problems, (as well as setting the time on her VCR). After graduation, he looked again to the West and wanted to head back to the Coast....

He was offered a good job in the Educational field, and so he was off to the Big City. Now, he has a home and a car! He's been a Mercedes dude for a long time now, and of course, nuttin but da best for my boy!

And he has a girl, a sweet lady.....they've been together since they were teenagers.

Happy Birthday hon! The Gman and I wish you all the Best.....sure wish we could be there with you today!
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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and happy memories. Time travels too fast for us! Happy birthday Nick. God bless you. Loving thoughts from your Nana & G.P.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! Loved seeing the pictures. I'm glad he's doing well and has such a wonderful foundation to build on.


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