Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little John Deere

We've been puttering around here, working on a bunch of different stuff....

Yesterday, the Gman got the little JD out of the shed. Started giving it a tune up - realized we are missing a part to run the mower deck.
Anyway, I got a lesson on how to drive it. So off I went, up and down the driveway, it was a bit of a jerky ride. Maybe I'll get used to it!

I set up temporary fencing for the chickens. They were driving us both nuts again. They have 11 acres to hang out on, but they really seem to like my flower beds.

So, I'll put them in here around 1pm or so, then let them stay in there till almost dark. They are liking it, I throw a bunch of scratch out for them. And they have some shade from under one of the big trees. I put some water out there for them and set the bucket in the shade, so they should all be just fine.

We have a good number of broccoli and cauliflower come up, no tomatoes yet tho! The plan for tomorrow is to work on the greenhouse. We need to get the staple gun out and refasten some of the plastic. Aside from that, it held up really well over the winter.
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Aunt Krissy said...

Sounds like G-man was a busy boy making a way to get the piggys to their new home.

I just stand back in wonder about all the work that goes into doing and making things to keep aimals. I never knew!

I love my riding lawn mower. Makes that chore fun to do.

Annie said...

Well, you've been busy building your coop and getting ready for goats! Once you've got their houses built, you'll (hopefully) never have to do it again, lol!

That's what Gman and I keep telling each other, reminding us that we are Still in the setting up stage - doing all kinds of things that we won't have to do again....just maintain

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