Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mo' Fishing This Morning!

The catch from this morning! 2 Rainbow Trout and another Kokanee.
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Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

OK I am now officially jealous. We have some fish in the river here but they are mostly carp and I am a poor fisherman. Congrats.

spotted face said...

You guys eat good!

Captain Hook and Lady Crochet said...

They all look the same to me. WHat is the difference?

All I ever caught here is bluegill. :(

Annie said...

Ooooh, sorry Rick! Come on up, and we'll take you fishing!!I have been reading over on your blog, your garden is looking good!!!

Yes Owl, we do eat good. I have a husband who Loves to cook and Loves to eat well....

Stonebridge, the top fish in the pic is the Kokanee. They have no distinct spots on them (tho you can't tell that from the pic) and they had over 13 rays on their anal fins....Kokanee is Landlocked at least we get to enjoy the taste of Salmon a bit. We're both used to catching large Salmon in the Ocean on the West Coast.


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